Ask Yuba College


Question 1: Why should I attend Yuba College?
Answer 1: Yuba College – Yuba College has been providing quality education for over 85 years and has earned a reputation as an educational leader in northern California. Our expert faculty members are leaders in their fields and believe in your future! Our student support services, from our caring counselors to our helpful tutors, will provide for your success.

Question 2: What type of programs and degrees does Yuba College offer?
Answer 2: Yuba College offers over 100 degrees, certificates and transfer programs.  Whether you want to major in Nursing, Radiologic or Veterinary Technology, Welding, Music, Automotive, Engineering, Biology, English or Art -- you name it, you can start your educational journey at Yuba!

Question 3: How much does it cost to attend Yuba College?
Answer 3: Yuba College is very affordable – a lot less than a university or private college with the same quality of instruction. What's more, most of our students qualify for financial aid or fee waivers that exempt them from paying tuition at all.

Question 4: How do I apply to Yuba College?
Answer 4: Complete the Yuba College application on our website by clicking "Apply".  It's that easy!

Question 5: How do I learn more about financial aid and if I qualify?
Answer 5: Click "Resources" then "Financial Aid" to get general information about financial aid. Stop by the Yuba College Financial Aid Office to find out if you qualify.

Question 6: Do I need to see a counselor before I enroll?
Answer 6:  Yes. Meeting with a counselor to complete an abbreviated educational plan will get you started on your academic career goals.

Question 7: Why do I need to take an Assessment Exam and what can I do to prepare for it?
Answer 7: The Placement Exam will "place" you in the right level of Math, English and Reading to get you started!  Be prepared for this exam by reviewing sample questions and free tutorials available online. Click "Resources" and then "Testing" to begin. 

Question 8: How do I sign up for a class?
Answer 8: In six easy steps:
Step 1: Complete an online Yuba College Application
Step 2: Complete an online orientation
Step 3: Take the Placement Exam
Step 4: Meet with a counselor to complete an abbreviated educational plan and pick your classes
Step 5: Apply for Financial Aid
Step 6: Register for your classes.
Begin your application process online now by clicking "Apply."

Question 9: What kind of help or tutoring is available to help me succeed in my classes at Yuba College?
Answer 9: Stop by the College Success Center in the library and sign up for tutoring the first week of the semester.  The tutoring staff is efficient, well-trained, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.  Both group tutoring and roving math tutors are available during most of the day to assist as needed. Need help with a writing assignment? Try the Writing Language Development Center also located in the library. The Writing Language Development Center offers drop-in assistance, one-on-one or group appointments, technology assistance, proofreading tips, E-S-L support, and Kurzweil 3000 software for assisted reading & writing.


Question 10: What kind of student activities does Yuba College offer?
Answer 10: Yuba College offers a full student life program with year-round athletic events, musical performances, theatrical productions, and other special events, along with a student government and several student clubs to provide you with lots of opportunities to have fun, get involved and make a difference in your community.